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Baby Travel Essentials

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Here are some of my go-to travel items with a baby:

Cosco Scenera Next Convertible Car Seat:

Great for baby up to 40 pounds, rear and forward facing which means you can use this seat for up to 4 years old!

Graco Pack and Play

This is a great item because not only can it be used on the go - but you can use it at home on a regular basis for another place for baby to nap or to put them in if you need your hands free for a moment, some people bring to the beach or park - its versatile and long lasting.

Chicco Travel Highchair / Snacker

Having a compact, foldable, travel highchair/seat is essential. This chair attaches to a regular sized dining chair, and has a removable tray, so baby can have their food directly on their tray or you can remove it and have them use the adult table. You can also use this chair at the park as it has its own feet! Just be careful if the chair isn't attached to another chair, it needs to be held down securely so the baby doesn't tip it over.

Babyzen Yoyo Stroller:

This lightweight travel stroller is essential. It folds up like a backpack and can be used with baby until they are toddlers! It even fits in overhead airplane compartments. You can also use this as a reclining "seat" for the baby in your hotel room / Airbnb to feel milk/etc.

Dohm Sound Machine:

If you are sharing a room with your LO - you will need something to make some noise so your baby doesn't wake up everytime you move. The Dome Sound Machine is compact and keeps the sound on all night.

Lillebaby Carrier:

It's super important to have a carrier if you want to go hiking with a baby or younger toddler or even for those times that they just don't want to be in a stroller. The Lillebaby has lots of lower back support and can be front or back facing.

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